Key Points

Create a Plan- Strategize, be Inventive, be Creative and do not procrastinate, start early. The sky is the limit and you have a chance to use your create side for fundraising

  • Set a Fundraising Goal- Set your fundraising goal higher than the minimum.  It's been proved that donators tend to donate more to help you reach your goal and slow down the closer you get.  By making your goal higher, you should meet your minimum and then some.

  • Educate your donors- Educate them about why you are doing this and about the TraX4BC ATV Event and that the money raised goes to FINANCIALLY ASSIST breast cancer patients. In addition, you can print and show them how the funds are distributed. (Located under Funds Distribution tab)

  • Donors Tax Receipts- Remember, ALL donations over $20 will get a tax receipt in all the above scenarios should the donor want one.

Fundraising- once you have registered for the event, on our online fundraising system will help you with the rest!! Our self guided system will help you set up your profile; and provide you with the ability to help you fundraise as follows:

  • Direct Email- The registration system will help you direct email all your friends and family from your page and ask them to help you with your fundraising efforts. 

  • Social Media- The registration system can create a link to your Facebook or Instagram account if you use Social Media and want to set it up that way.  You can donate directly from the Facebook link!   Pledges can also be made directly to you from supporters within their Facebook login so it’s super easy!

  • Face to Face- For those that prefer to do it face to face and are collecting cash, once registered our system will email you a TraX4 Breast Cancer Pledge Sheet that you can print and keep with you at all times to keep record of the cash/donations you are receiving!

Stay positive; Keep a good attitude; Together we DO make a difference!

If you have any questions or need any assistance please email us at