Fundraising Ideas

Talk to your Employer- many companies actually have policies that encourage community involvement and fundraising and will often match your fundraising dollars or make a donation!!

Talk to the Corporations and Small businesses- that you know locally or have connections with, let them know what you are doing and let them know how they can help you. Sometime if they will not donate money they might donate product which would be greatly appreciated in our Silent Auction. It all helps in the overall fundraising efforts.

Spare Change Box- Start a jar and keep it near your door, every day put all your extra coins in it – those loonies and toonies add up quickly. Take it one step further, put it on your desk at work and ask others will join you.  Or talk to your work to see if you can put one by the coffee/water machine and ask for donations.

Ask for Empties- ask your friends for their empty beer bottles; tell them you will return them in exchange for the refund money to be donated.

Happy Hour Party- Invite your friends and their friends, have a beer and wings night, get them to sign encouraging words on a t-shirt. Charge them $10 per signature.

Tipping Jar- ask local businesses to put jars near the register or on their front counter. Tape a picture of yourself and a short explanation of why you are fundraising.

Dinner Party- host a dinner party and set out a donation of $50.00 per person to attend. Plan out your meal plans and try to spend $20.00 per person or less on your cost to prepare the meal – If you invite 10 people that would equal to $300.00 or more in donations after expenses.

Have a Garage Sale- think of all the great items that you no longer use that could be a valued treasure for someone else! Ask your neighbors if they won’t like to donate items; make posters advertising you garage sale and let people know what the proceeds are supporting. You can even create a donation jar the day of for people who may just want to support you

Birthday/Special Day gift pledge- ask your family members and friends to donate or sponsor you for your birthday or special occasion in lieu of a gift.

TELL people about your Participation- in this great event and why you are fundraising. You may have a personal story of why you are doing this – the more people you share this information with the more you create awareness.

Do you have a local or community newspaper- Usually they allow free ad space so why not place an ad asking for donations, make sure you explain why you are raising this money and where it goes. Including a picture is always a great touch – make sure you include information on how people can contact you.