Need Financial Assistance?

If you are a breast cancer patient and require financial assistance, please follow this link to the Kelly Shires Foundation website to find and complete the application process.


Note: Our Criteria for Assistance is reviewed annually and changes may occur. Please ensure that you are using the most current application form dated 2016 to avoid any delays. We are a fundraising based organization with no private of government funding. The program and availability of funds relies solely on the generosity of our sponsors and donors.

Application Form


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I have been diagnosed with Breast Cancer and need Financial Assistance, how do I apply? Answer: Under Assistance you will found a Downloadable Application Form. Complete the Application Form and send it to our office with ALL the appropriate documents. If there is any additional information required we will let you know.

I have made an Application to the Charity, what happens next? Answer: The information is reviewed by a Committee that ensures that the application meets the Charity guidelines. Your application is processed in strict confidence.

How long does it normally take to be notified if I will be receiving financial assistance? Answer: From the time that the application and ALL the required documents are received you should be notified with 2-3 business days. I have been notified that I am eligible for financial assistance through your program, how long will it take to receive this help?

Answer: Once the approved the financial assistance will be sent to you as quickly as possible, most applicants receive funds within one week.

Can you help people diagnosed with other types of cancer? Answer: We can only help women/men diagnosed with breast cancer due to the government guidelines surrounding the Charity.

Quebec Applicants

In June 2014, the Financial Assistance program for breast cancer patients who reside in Quebec has been taken over by Fondation Cancer Du Sein Du Quebec. Those affected by breast cancer can make a request for financial assistance by visiting their website directly by clicking here.